Heavy Groove Psychedelic Funk Rock


REK is a heavy-groove psychedelic funk-rock trio from San Francisco. REK brings together influences from jazz and funk to create original rock music that truly moves people. Composed of veterans of the North Coast music scene, REK is an up and coming powerful band with an ever increasing following stretching from Portland to L.A.

REK's music can be heard featured on the public television cooking series The Hippy Gourmet airing nationally on PBS.

REK feels at times like they belong in another era, before generic radio rock, and people often say, "why don't people play music like this anymore?"


Rich Ciccotelli
Rich has been playing guitar for over 20 years. He formed his first band at the age of twelve and immediately began writing songs. Starting with three chord, AC/DC type rock tunes, he quickly developed into a hard rock madman. By High School, Rich's band Tantrum was the best known young metal band in his hometown in New York. After ten years of playing the Tri-state circuit, Tantrum split ways and Rich moved to San francisco in 1994. Since then, The SleepyHouse, the house where he lives in the Haight/Ashbury District, has been a place for many to jam and form musical bonds with other great players.

Mark Grupe
Drummer Mark Grupé hails from Virginia but has spent the past few years in New Mexico and Yosemite. He is finally putting his roots down in San Francisco while laying down REK's rhythmic foundation. Mark gets his inspiration and style from old school proggers like Yes, Genesis, and Marillion. He is expanding his style through ensembles at the Jazz School in Berkeley.

Russell Blaine
Russ has played in several San Francisco-based groups over the past few years, most recently Shotwell 25 and RnR.